Dragon Fruit Nutrition And Health Benefits

The dragon fruit, like the cactus pear, belongs to the cactus family. With its unique shape and vibrant colours, it blooms at night and hence is referred to by names such as Lady of the Night and Moonflower. Not only is it beautiful to look at, it has a great many health benefits as well. The dragonfruit is a goldmine when it comes to nutritional value.

Rich in Nutrients and Minerals

The dragonfruit is rich in Vitamin C, and other vitamin sources such as B1 as well as B2 and B3. It also contains minerals such as calcium, iron and phosphorus. Apart from that, it is a good source of fiber, protein and contains 80 per cent water. It would therefore be no exaggeration to call it a super fruit! If you are calorie conscious, you will be delighted to know that having a serving of 100 Gms is equivalent to having only 60 calories.

Regular consumption of this fruit can help maintain digestive health and reduce your weight. Since it is low in its content of cholesterol, there is no risk of it harming your heart. On the contrary, it may prevent the onset of any heart disease as it prevents stiffening of arteries and reduces oxidative stress. Those who suffer from arthritis may also benefit from the consumption of dragon fruit. It has anti-inflammatory qualities so swelling of the joints is reduced considerably, when this fruit is consumed on a regular basis. The dragon fruit is also a great source of antioxidants and helps in washing away the toxins from your body and can prevent damage to your health.

How to use the Dragon fruit

When you are buying dragon fruit, avoid buying the overripe ones. It’s best to buy them in their dry condition. It can be consumed raw by just cutting it into two halves and scooping out the middle with a spoon. You can add chunks to salads or enjoy a glass of chilled juice. Dragon fruit is also used as an ingredient to make tasty smoothies. Blend one cup of the pulp of this fruit with half a banana, one cup of fresh coconut water. Add a teaspoon of ginger paste to this mix and you get a drink that tastes heavenly to say the least!

And that is not where the benefits of this fruit end. You can use it as a face pack along with some yogurt. Because of its antioxidant properties, it makes your skin glow and even works as an anti aging agent. Those suffering from acne can greatly benefit from the application of this fruit pulp directly on the affected areas. Leave it on the skin till it dries out and wash it off with warm water. Applying it twice a day can make acne disappear in no time!

So, as you can see, the dragon fruit is indeed packed with goodness of all kinds. This should give you enough reason to include the dragonfruit in your shopping the next time you are out to buy fruits!

Beauty and the Beast of Starting a Business

Starting a business is always difficult so always remember that a problem shared is a problem halved. I am sure that there are other small businesses in your area that are also wishing to advertise with a minimum budget. Get some leaflets printed off and start making contact with them. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Go to the local health club and ask to put leaflets out or a poster up stating that members of the gym get 10% off a certain treatment such as, pedicure etc.

2. Offer a “bridal treatment” as a service to the local wedding planner or bridal shop.

3. Put up leaflets at the local golf club offering cheaper prices on your less busy days. Offer a discount to the local soccer club, football club, cheer leaders etc.

4. Consider setting up a mobile service – but take the usual safety precautions by aiming at clubs and hotels.

5. Contact the local mother and baby clubs and offer to provide manicures after the meeting. Young mothers are tired and would welcome the opportunity of feeling great again.

6. Offer your services at the local hospitals, assisted living etc. All places where people wish to feel better.

7. Offer your services to local large hotels – be careful how you describe what you offer!

8. Visit your local large companies, shops etc. and offer your services to their staff – either on their premises or at your office.

9. Offer a beauty club membership to your locals. Give them a discount on their 10th treatment, if they introduce a friend etc.

10. Put your posters up in places that offer complimentary services in exchange for their poster in your salon.

11. Look at other services you can offer in your salon. Sometimes that fact that you offer free coffee and make people feel really welcome is all it takes. Make sure that your “home office” is welcoming and professional looking.

12. Try and innovative new product/service etc and tell people about it – including the local radio station and newspaper.

Anything to get the name of your services in front of others. Yes you discount your prices – but you get more people in and you get the name of your company known.

Be professional, look professional, be friendly and be different! Look at how the big companies do it and use their ideas. Good luck.

Setting And Reaching Goals For True Happiness And Health

If you have ever wondered what you are supposed to do with your life, you are not alone. Even people who seem to have the greatest plans are often unsure if they are even on the right path. If this sounds like you or someone you know, then read on.

What you are going through is perfectly normal. People of all ages and at all stages of life are asking the same questions every day. I am happy to let you know that with a little bit of understanding, awareness, and discipline, the answers can be quite simple.

In this life and in this universe, there is no such thing as a permanent state. In this way you simply cannot decide today exactly who or what you will be tomorrow; our universe is much too dynamic to allow for such thinking. The most important thing for you to do is simply trust your gut feelings and put one foot in front of the other. It is only through this type of participation that your questions will be met with answers.

Imagine if you will that the universe is like one huge machine, complete with an infinite number of gears and miscellaneous mechanical devices. Each time that you think, say, or do anything, it’s like putting a new cog into the machine, or like taking one out. Either way, each of your actions has a direct effect on every other part of the mechanism. When you trust the feeling in your gut and put one foot in front of the other, you are beginning to participate within this great process of cause and effect.

The good news is that much like a car or a computer, you don’t need to know exactly why it works in order to use it effectively. To get started on the right foot, I recommend that you set some simplified goals for yourself. For example: I will be happy and healthy. I will have a beautiful, safe, and healthy place to live. I will always have safe, reliable, and fun transportation. I will have a healthy and beautiful family. etc.. In this way you are programming the mechanism to provide a high quality life no matter what the details may end up being. The truth is that keeping it simple opens up the possibility of having a life that is far greater than anything that you can imagine or plan.

The next step in this process is to allow yourself to be guided. I call this trusting the feeling in your gut or following the big arrow. The big arrow never points to a final destination; it is always just the next step. Always be open, aware, and ready! An example of this type of experience is when you find yourself being drawn into a bookstore only to find “the” book that changes your life forever. Or you find yourself going somewhere or doing something out of the ordinary which leads you meet a person that changes your life in a monumental way. Always be open, aware, and ready!

It is not our ability to plan that makes a great life, it is our ability to participate.

Be well, Nathaniel.

Beauty and Skin Care – A Chinese Herbal Prescription

Skin care should not be tied to beauty only. It should be viewed as a health practice. The skin is a very important tissue that envelops and protects your body. If not attended to, irritating conditions may arise such as dryness, peeling, itch, pimples, mouth sores, and small eruptions, etc., which may develop into bigger problems like rashes lasting for months or even years. If the skin is well taken care of, the hair and the nails will be as well for they are real extensions of the skin.

The Chinese approach connects skin problems to “excess heat” in the blood, which means several things including:

o Too much spicy, barbecued, deep fried, or greasy food.

o Too much shellfish such as crabs, clams, mussels, oysters, etc.

o Not enough sleep, or going to bed too late.

o Not enough rest causing an overactive liver.

o Toxins in blood due to unhealthy eating or environment.

o Not enough fluid consumed everyday.

o Not eating the right kind of food such as vegetables and fruits to nourish or moisturize the skin.

If you come from a different culture, some of the causes mentioned above do not seem to have obvious reasons. I’ll try to explain more in a later article. Nevertheless, those reasons are validated everyday by observing the habits of those suffering from dry skin and associated problems.

Nature of skin problems:

o Skin problems may not be limited to just one location. They can move to other parts of the body since they are related to blood.

o Minor problems are easier to treat with diet or habit change.

o When a major skin problem has developed, it will remain a long-term irritation with periodic flare-ups triggered by the above-listed causes.

o You cannot expect fast cure from a major skin problem. You can only look for steady improvements in the form of intensity, duration, and frequency of flare-ups.

o If the problem does not spread to a new location, and the old location is being replaced by newer skin, it will definitely be a good improvement.

External treatment:

o Skin care is a multi-billion dollar business with countless products and services for external treatment.

o Surgery and other advanced treatments are becoming popular too.

o You have to find the right kind of product or service suitable for your skin.

Internal treatment:

The Chinese approach, basically, is to nourish and detoxify the blood, calm the liver, moisturize and nourish the skin:

1) Nourish blood

Dan Shen

He Shou Wu

2) Detoxify blood

Xian He Cao

Bai Hua She Cao

3) Calm liver

Bai Shao

Jin Yin Hua

Huang Qin

4) Moisturize skin

Mai Men Dong

Xuan Shen

5) Nourish skin

Yu Zhu

Sha Shen

A combination of 11 herbs is recommended.

Drink one cup (8 oz) of herb tea a day.

This is just one formula with countless variations depending on:

* How bad is the skin problem and where.

* Do you make an effort for diet or habit change.

* How sensitive is your body to herb package.